Founder, Citizen Armor & ATEK Defense Systems

Aaron GilbertAaron K. Gilbert has been married for over 30 years with five adult children and two grandchildren.  His favorite hobbies include emergency preparedness, firearms, ham radios and homesteading.  Mr. Gilbert began focusing his career towards the firearms industry about 9 years ago.  He first started out as a certified NRA instructor and RSO (Range Safety Officer) teaching conceal carry courses and firearm safety courses.  In 2015, he started his own “FFL” firearm business called, Advanced Recon, LLC.  He specialized in helping customers who were searching for conceal carry pistols and tactical rifles.

In 2016, Mr. Gilbert was requested by some of his students and customers to know if they could purchase body armor for personal protection.  As a result of much research, Mr. Gilbert found that all law-abiding citizens are allowed to purchase and own body armor but none of the body armor manufacturers would sell their armor to a civilian.  This exclusion of allowing law-abiding citizens to purchase and own body armor was the reason Mr. Gilbert decided to enter into the armor manufacturing industry.

Over the next year, Mr. Gilbert raised over $2,000,000 in start-up capital and built a team of highly qualified engineers and scientists to create and patent some of the armor industry’s most unique and effective armor technologies.

The first product created was called, Nano-ProtekTM.  This technology uses Carbon Nano-tubes to increase the strength, water resistance and longevity of aramid fibers (such as KevlarTM).  This product has been tested to NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standards and has exceeded their requirements.  At only ¼” thick and at a weight of 1.3 lbs per sq ft, Nano-Protek is one of the lightest and strongest armored vests in the industry.

The second major product created was called, Shield GlassTM.   Shield Glass is the armor industries thinnest and strongest armored glass product.  This product was developed to armor police car windows.  At only ½” thick, Shield GlassTM can replace the existing window without any modification to the car door.  It still functions up and down like a normal car window, but it can stop multiple rounds of 9mm, 40 cal, and 45 cal handguns.  In addition, Shield GlassTM allows the occupants of the vehicle to shoot back through the glass with exit speeds of up to 900 feet per second.  Thus, creating a very one-sided gun fight…

To manufacture and distribute these products, Mr. Gilbert created two companies.  The first company was, ATEK Defense Systems, LLC.  This company focuses on sales to law enforcement, military and security firms.

The second business was called, The Armored Citizen, LLC, (dba Citizen Armor).  This business only focuses on armored products for the civilian market.  In addition to using the armor technology of Nano-Protek, the company also developed unique and highly concealable armored products for civilians to use every day.  These include armored notebooks and backpacks that can deploy an armored vest in 1 to 2 seconds.