CEO, Coinbook

Calvin Weight is the CEO of Coinbook. Prior to starting the company, Calvin studied at Brigham Young University in International Business Finance and then completed his Master’s Degree in Finance at the University of Utah. He has worked as a Financial Analyst for many years, but has been involved in markets and trading for even longer. He has traded in Foreign Exchange markets, the stock market, options and futures markets, as well as the Cryptocurrency markets. He was introduced to bitcoin in 2012 and survived the MtGOX bankruptcy, the Cryptsy bankruptcy, and most of the major industry drama over the years. Calvin saw first hand the challenges and problems that individuals face in the crypto industry and decided to create an exchange to solve those problems.

Coinbook is a US-based Crypto Exchange. They went live on Oct 31, 2018, the 10 year anniversary of the bitcoin whitepaper. The problems that Coinbook is solving are making the bitcoin buying experience safe and easy. By creating an account with Coinbook you interact with a simple interface that makes buying bitcoin for a new user very intuitive and understandable. We are going to add coins that don’t currently trade for US Dollars so we will bring variety to the space. You’ll also earn achievements and get rewarded for trading and doing simple things on the platform. Some achievements will result in money or prizes so don’t forget to add your t-shirt size to your profile.