December 1, 2019 Kristie McNealy

We’re excited to open ticket sales for Off Chain 2020 today on a new ticketing platform, EventChain, which allows us to accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as USD!  Just visit this year’s event page to learn more and then snag your ticket at our early bird special rate of just $25.

Off Chain 2020 is an exciting two-day event which features presentations, panel discussions, and hands on workshops from passionate innovators who will show you how technology including blockchain and cryptocurrency provides opportunities for developing new, decentralized methods for payment processing, identity management, transferring, storing and transporting wealth, and storing data. But Off Chain isn’t just a blockchain conference. We’ll also feature technology related to food preservation, self defense, disaster preparedness, cybersecurity, and communications.

Off Chain will teach you how to leverage this technology to increase your own personal freedom AND self-reliance.

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