Founder & CTO, ProSapien

Sam SmithSamuel M. Smith Ph.D. Is the CTO and Founder of ProSapien, a company working on the intersection of AI, BlockChain, and Decentralized computing systems. He is an advisor to several blockchain based organizations including ConsenSys, Sovrin, and Hub.  He serves on the technical governance board of the Sovrin Foundation. He wrote seminal white papers on decentralized identity, reputation, key management, computing, and tokenomics. He originated the open source RAET protocol, an elliptic curve based end-to-end encrypted and authenticated protocol for reliable peer-to-peer transport. He also the originated the open source Ioflo automated reasoning and flow based programming framework.

Samuel received a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1991. He then spent 10 years at Florida Atlantic University, eventually reaching full professor status. His
research specialties included decentralized and distributed systems, automated reasoning, machine learning, and autonomous vehicle systems. He has over 100 refereed publications in these areas and was principal investigator on numerous federally funded research projects. Dr. Smith has been an active participant in open standards development for networking protocols and is a serial entrepreneur.