CTO, SK2 Technology

Vince RomneyVince is an avid proponent of security-as-a-lifestyle and takes every opportunity to advance security within the community at large. As a student and practitioner of IT security for over 20 years across both military and civilian organizations he currently wears several hats, including the CTO of SK2 Technology leading the development of high-security, session-based data-at-rest encryption applications.

He has worked with both public and private corporations heading IT security and regulatory compliance efforts as well as secure software development programs for a variety of development organizations. In addition, he expand on his background as a US Air Force Cyber-Warfare Technician to serve as Senior Cyber-Security Analyst for BAE Systems on a $20 Billion national defense program.

Vince is exceptionally passionate about securing the blockchain space, and strongly believe securing the periphery of the blockchain will be pivotal to the success of cyrpto-financial and other blockchain implementations. He regularly teaches both technical and non-technical audiences about the application of security principles to their environments, and writes a weekly commentary on the state of security in the hope that those who read it will take action and improve their own security posture. He has held his CISSP certification since 2012.